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Girls, Guns and Money

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Girls, Guns and Money

Girls, Guns and Money, Better Off Dead's third album is 28, count 'em, twenty eight powerful shots of tuneful Tanqueray 'n' tonic that'll have you out on a marvelous musical bender way past last call and into the next morning.

Track Listing:

1-Twister In A Trailer Park
2-Bad Credit
3-Heart Be The Judge
4-Louisiana Hot Sauce
5-Yellow Cadillac
6-Chicken Pickin' Good Time
7-500 Miles
8-Kaboodle Cock-A-Lulu
9-Mind To Leave You
10-Back To Memphis
12-San Antone
13-What Happened?
14-If I Can Quit Drinkin'
15-One More Time
16-Porn Star
17-Little Debbie
18-Never Let You Down
19-Rockin' Daddy
20-When My Troubles Began
21-Georgia Peach
22-She Got It
23-God Will
24-I Ain’t Gonna Change
25-Let's Fool Around
26-I Won't Do It
27-Off The Wagon
28-From A Broken Home


The new Better Off Dead CD Girl With A Job!

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Track Listing:
1-Girl With A Job
2-Diggin' My Own Grave
3-Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
5-Sleepin' On The Sofa
6-Did Your Dog Bite The Landlord?
7-Buzz Off!
8-Rockin' Is 'R' Business
9-Hot Water
10-Come Down Off The Roof
11-Sock It To 'em JB
12-You Can't Do That
13-Voodoo Doll
14-Sixpack And You
15-Hole In My Heart
16-Beat Me Baby
17-Gin And Tonics Tonight

Girl With A Job!
, Better Off Dead's second and most recent CD is 17 glistening globs of greasy goodness, guaranteed to get your good foot going. Neither blues purists nor swing/rockabilly revivalists, Better Off Dead make clear from the first spin that this is not your father's bluesmobile. From the stompin', swampin' swagger of the title track, to the hoppin' hoedown hoodoo of "Voodoo Doll," to the sweat-soaked swingin' of "Diggin' My Own Grave," Better Off Dead are more tempting than a keg party at the Betty Ford Center.

Recorded once again in a bedroom, Girl With A Job! features 14 tunes penned by VD King. Better Off Dead also rips through the Treniers' "Rockin Is Our Business," turns in a shakin' and stirring version of the mighty Rex Garvin's "Sock It To 'em JB," and gives Bo Diddley's "Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut" a healthy punch.


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Better Off Dead

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Track Listings:
1. Boogie Disease
2. She Like That Chicken
3. Bald Headed Baby
4. Leave Married Women Alone
5. Liquor In The Front
6. Vibrator
7. Get On The Whiskey
8. I Dig The Girl
9. Lesbian Blues
10. What Did I Do Last Night?
11. List Of Things To Do
12. Kleptomaniac
13. Crazy 'Bout An Automobile
14. When World's Collide
15. Walking Blues

This is the one that started it all. With songs like "She Like That Chicken," "Get On The Whiskey," and "Vibrator," Better Off Dead's self titled debut on Garageland Records serves up 15 heaping helpings of smoky, greasy, extra rare, home-cooked treats that go equally well with red or white labeled beer. The band cites numerous influences and inspiration ranging from multiple gin and tonics to inadequate sexual performance (though these may be somehow related). The album sounds like a late night road trip where you stop for gas, cigs, and coffee at a Quickie Mart only to discover that you've stumbled into a wild eviction party being held by the proprietors."

It costs about 65 dollars to make," explains Don Kenny. "It's not that we really wanted to record it this way purposely; I just think that, compared to a lot bands out there, we had less money, so we recorded it in the bedroom." Better Off Dead's first CD is full of stories about fast food, marital aids, thievery, and, well, Lesbians. "One of our fans is this girl whose boyfriend dumped her for some guy," says VD, "I adapted her story to my situation and out came Lesbian Blues." Better Off Dead spotlights such songs as "Kleptomaniac," "Liquor in the Front," and "She like that Chicken." Also featured, a reworked rendition of the Nick Lowe ditty "What Did I Do Last Night," the obscure "Leave Married Women Alone," and a barrelhouse version of Dr. Ross' "Boogie Disease," whose refrain pretty much captures the spirit of Better Off Dead: I'm gonna boogie boogie boogie,'til they put me in the hearse.


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When producer V.D. King, of the Jersey City, NJ blues/roots band Better Off Dead, decided to record a charity Christmas CD to benefit displaced musicians in post-Katrina New Orleans, he called in some musical favors from a few friends. A King Family Christmas was born. With all proceeds going to Tipitina's Foundation(www.tipitinasfoundation.org) and the Jazz Foundation (www.jazzfoundation.org), A King Family Christmas is a great gift to both give and receive. When you buy A King Family Christmas CD, you’re really getting free holiday music as a thank you for giving less fortunate folks a helping hand.

Recorded over a few hours in a living room and a Hoboken, NJ blues bar, A King Family Christmas features fourteen hot, heaping helpings of holiday hits from top NY area blues and roots artists including: Popa Chubby & Galea, Christine Santelli, Arthur Neilson & Karan Serafin, Big Ed Sullivan, Joe Taino, The Slippery Chickens, Kevin Kiley, Dave Gross, Larry Cappoli, Mike Frensley, and, of course, V.D. King’s own Better Off Dead.

From the spirit-swigging swizzle of Better Off Dead’s double shots “All I Got for Christmas Was Drunk” and “Alcoholiday,” to the snarling, supercharged, sleighride swagger of Popa Chubby & Galea’s “Blue Christmas,” to the wonderfully whimsical wordplay of Christine Santelli’s “Christmastime,” there’s something for everyone under the musical tree this Christmas. Karan Serafin, along with Shemekia Copeland guitarist Arthur Neilson deliver a righteous, rollicking romp of “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree,” Kevin Kiley croons the classic chestnut “White Christmas,” and The Slippery Chickens stuff your stocking with their Cramps-inspired “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” New York blues mainstay Big Ed Sullivan offers up the gritty, grey-snow-in-the-city blues of “Merry Christmas, Baby,” while Santa’s super string slingers Joe Taino, Larry Cappoli and up-and-coming ace axe-swinger Dave Gross all have fast-fingered holiday treats with all the trimmings.


santa got soul!

New 2007 Christmas single!

Santa Got Soul
b/w This Christmas

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